Dan R. Matthews
Abundance, understanding and
worthy goals are ours for the asking.
We all have the desire to be loved, to prosper,
and to make ourselves and the world a better place.

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Dan R. Matthews

...shares a new perspective, connecting physical and spiritual laws to the teachings of Jesus. Jesus’ teachings can be used today to expand our awareness, and to help move the earth to a higher level of prosperity, unity and gratitude. By applying the spiritual laws, we can expand and live a more abundant life. Jesus encouraged each of us to ask for what seems to be impossible, and believe that it is so.

Abundance, understanding and worthy goals are ours for the asking.




"Dan Matthews' Self Help Jesus illuminates the core teachings of Jesus the Christ on personal transformation and the innate capacities of the human heart. Enjoy this nourishing and healing book."

-- Michael Bernard Beckwith


About The Author

Ever filled with wonder, Dan has always been in love with learning. He was a writer from the time he was a child; fascinated with the power of words. He has a passion for understanding the heavens and the earth, the processes and purpose of life. He learned about why the sky is blue and sunsets are red, what makes a rainbow, and the way stars live out their lives. He researched many things, from cosmic rays and organic polymers to the ecology of marine birds and advanced energy alternatives.

But through it all he was drawn by a desire to understand deeper truth, the power of thought and movement, the spiritual journey common to every person. To gain understanding, he studied many of the great world religions and spiritual teachers.
Dan loves to teach others. As a teacher and coach he encouraged students to seek answers to the questions of life that we all ask, and to reach for higher goals. He holds a Master of Science degree, as well as degrees in English and physics. He is a member of American Mensa. Dan and his wife, Sharen, live on a cliff over the ocean, surrounded by the dense rain forest of the Pacific Northwest. They enjoy surfing and other outdoor activities. Their most important passion is to achieve life goals, with the purpose of helping others. Dan would like to acknowledge his friends and colleagues.